Baby unit

Every baby is special and totally unique, however there are basic needs and desires within all babies. They all need a caring, cosy, secure and loving environment, with familiar people who they can trust. All babies need a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, where all their needs are catered for: emotional, physical, social and intellectual. A homely place, where they feel comfortable and happy.

Our Baby Unit is designed to create a ‘home-from-home’ environment which our parents describe as their baby’s ‘second home’. It is completely separate from the rest of the nursery, with its own entrance and comprises two play rooms, adjoined to form one large play area, a separate cot room, changing room and its own kitchen and laundry rooms. Although the meals are prepared by our full time cook in the main kitchen on the ground floor, the separate kitchen enables staff to puree meals depending on each child’s stage of weaning, as well as sterilise equipment and prepare bottles.

Our menus have gained us Trafford’s ‘Healthy Eating’ Award and are a nutritious and delicious introduction to solid food. Every child receives a minimum of 5 portions of fruit and vegetables per day.

A wonderful variety of stimulating, multi-sensory activities are planned to promote your baby’s physical, mental and cognative, emotional, social and language development. Our planning and assessment of each child’s development, gained us an ‘Outstanding’ from OFSTED under the section ‘How Children Achieve’.

Each child has their own Developmental Profile where their new skills and progress are recorded. Parents are encouraged to peruse their child’s file every 12 weeks, however the files are accessible to parents on request at any time.

We also keep a full record of nappy changes, when your baby has had a bottle and how much, when they have eaten, what they have eaten and how much, and when they have slept.

In this warm and secure environment, your baby is able to develop social skills and learn how to form relationships, make friends, explore, investigate and understand the world around them. These skills are encouraged through the stable and trusting relationships they form with their nursery nurses and key worker.

We believe that consistency of childcare is important. We look after and value our staff, consequently, our staff turnover is extremely low. This means your child can count on the familiarity of seeing the same faces each day, which provides the constant level of stability and security that young children need.

Although the day is structured with a routine in place, it is also extremely flexible, to suit each child’s individual needs. We take our lead from parents’ existing routine when their child first starts with us. Naturally, parents are involved in all aspects of their child’s progress and development. This also includes deciding when their child is ready to move on to the next group, our Tweenie & Toddler group…….