What parents say

Quotes from parents about Oakfield
(taken from Parents Annual Appraisal Forms. Names not listed for Data Protection purposes but original copies available for inspection). 

You can also read parents' reviews on the Good Care Guide website www.goodcareguide.co.uk.

"It's a very sad day for the ...... family - no more Oakfield!  You have worked wonders with both our boys, and we couldn't have asked for a better start to their journey as independent little people.  We have no doubt that you'll continue to strive for the best."     

"Fantastic facilities, with a well structured and well organised variety of activities designed for learning with fun. The staff take a genuine interest in every child."

"A well thought out, structured forward thinking developmental programme for all children delivered in a happy, caring and warm environment"

"This nursery stood out above all others I viewed. The enthusiastic management shines through every aspect. It is a bright, happy, stimulating place full of lovely, friendly, highly trained and motivated staff and I feel very reassured that my daughter is receiving the best possible childcare available".

"The attention to detail is exceptional. The love, care and education is like home from home. My children are so happy and content, and so are we as parents, knowing that they are being looked after so incredibly well. I wish I could go there!!"

"Home from home but with more ladies to cuddle!"

"The proprietor has excellent standards of service and quality both with people and facilities. Her commitment reflects on staff and makes the nursery the most desirable one to attend".

"Oakfield is excellent in every respect, but Oakfield is worthy of being recognised above all other excellent nurseries as the best day nursery because every child is treated in the same way a parent would treat its own; with unconditional love".

"Oakfield Nursery is one of the best nurseries I have come across. The staff, quality of education, food and just everything is perfect".

"Oakfield Nursery is a warm, caring, happy nursery. Your child is happy, the care received is amazing, the facilities are superb and the staff are fantastic".

"Oakfield combines standards and discipline with a recruiting policy that captures real gems. All of this makes for a wonderful institution that manifests itself in beautiful, happy and healthy children"

"Simply the best!"

"When I decided to return to work full time I needed childcare. I researched ALL the options. Oakfield stands out.. It has everything – a happy atmosphere, happy children, and as a result happy parents. The time I have with xxxx is quality time, and so is the time he spends at Nursery"

"The ethos of the Nursery is such that we know our children have the best educational and social surroundings. Their attention to making sure that the children are well mannered, polite and caring is formidable"

"As parents of a daughter with Down’s Syndrome, we have been overwhelmed at the support and enthusiasm everyone at Oakfield has given xxxx. We could not wish for a more dedicated and caring environment where xxxx is obviously happy and making excellent progress in her physical, language and social development".

"they are exceptional in their commitment to facilitating every aspect of the child’s development. The go that "extra mile" to ensure the needs of each individual child are met. The most caring staff work in real partnership with parents. Consequently parents feel completely re-assured and confident"

"Your child is your most prized possession. By definition you would only send your own child to the best available nursery. Oakfield is that nursery. It far exceeds all those around it".

"Excellent childcare. Never felt guilty about leaving a child here, as I know they would be having a fantastic day. (Probably better than a day off with me!). Given my children a great start and were able to make the transition from nursery to school without any trouble".

"In the premier league of nurseries, Oakfield is the Manchester United! Top quality childcare, staff, facilities and management create a unique environment in which our children thrive. Oakfield turns out little champions every year!"

"Because having your child at Oakfield Nursery is just like having them in a homely environment. The children smile on arrival everyday which is a delight to see."

"I always had total peace of mind when I left my children at Oakfield, knowing that they were exceptionally well cared for, happy and stimulated in a super environment. The boys have taken away many happy memories and nursery holds a very special place in their hearts".

"In the Baby Unit (up to 15 months) dirty clothes are laundered for you plus you are given a written daily report (great to ease your mind when starting back at work) Menu for all ages ranges from lamb curry to cabbage hash. Progress books kept updated with achievements/photographs. Activities include yoga, ballet and French. Need I say more!!!"

"The quality of care received at Oakfield Nursery School from the staff and the opportunities given to the children are beyond my expectations".

"I am absolutely delighted with the loving, caring environment at Oakfield. I can go to work happy, knowing that my children are in the best place possible. It will be a shame when my children have to leave Oakfield to go to school!!"

"What better recommendation could there be than to see your child run into nursery with barely a backward glance and begrudgingly leave in the afternoon? Oakfield Nursery staff provide a secure, friendly, caring and stimulating environment and the children can’t resist it. We parents couldn’t ask for more."

"Being a first time mum I was nervous about sending my daughter to nursery, however she absolutely loves it there, I can tell by the smiles and happiness of my daughter. All of the staff I have come into contact with have enthusiasm, a love of children and are a credit to Oakfield".

"Oakfield is an outstanding nursery in many ways. It has given my children an excellent start in life in their social and intellectual development. It is warm and friendly and my children have spent their happiest times there".

"Oakfield is a first class nursery. All aspects are designed to ensure the children are well cared for in a friendly and stimulating environment. The nursery also exceeds at offering that "bit extra" by including experiences like "Zoolab", visits from police, firemen, football/tennis coaches all within the curriculum".

"With such a varied and hands-on agenda, with warmth and total understanding any child cannot fail to be happy, secure and contented at Oakfield Day Nursery School".

"There is nowhere else I would be happy to entrust my twin sons. Oakfield could not do anymore to meet the individual needs of each child, from the physical, psychological, emotional and social perspective. Oakfield is excellent in practice, a truly dedicated, caring team devoted to developing each child’s potential".

"Little miracles need a special place to grow. Oakfield offers a secure, friendly environment with care and quality at the top of their agenda. Going that extra mile inspires confidence".

"Safe, organised and immaculate- packed with activities to stimulate and educate enquiring minds. The staff are always enthusiastic and knowledgeable about our son. We receive regular newsletters and the walls are brimming with details about routines, meals and staff. Our son is always happy when left and cheerful at collection".

"Oakfield is an extremely happy nursery. The staff are friendly and enthusiastic. The facilities re amazing and above everything else my daughter made some lovely friends and is very, very happy there".

"Oakfield feels like a loving community. I feel my daughters have cherished and matured in a way that is skilful and meaningful. It is clear that policy and regime are infused with attention to best practice. Seven years on, and tellingly many of the same staff are still there".