Tweenies and toddlers

Firstly, although the name ‘Tweenies & Toddlers’ implies two separate groups, it is in fact one group divided into three smaller groups.

Children move from our Baby Unit, or start in Tweenies & Toddlers, at between 16 and 20 months. Children then move from our Tweenies & Toddlers to Prep 1 at approximately 2 ½ - 3 years. Therefore, most children are in ‘Tweenies & Toddlers’ group for approximately 1 year. During this period the changes and developments which take place are quite remarkable.

The timetable and curriculum of the Tweenies & Toddlers has been specifically structured to meet the needs of each age group, as well as catering for individual needs.

The ‘Tweenies & Toddlers’ occupy three main rooms in the nursery, with their own separate changing room. Lunch and teatime meals are, of course, served in our separate dining room.

Above all, our aim is to provide a happy, caring and safe environment, where each child can reach their full potential and develop their social and intellectual skills through an exciting and well-planned curriculum.

In this warm and secure environment the children learn to develop many of the social skills needed to prepare them for childhood and which contribute to later success in adulthood. For example, learning how to make friends, how to cooperate with each other, to share and to resolve conflicts in acceptable ways.
Good manners, kindness and understanding towards each other are always encouraged.

At the same time the children learn to form stable and trusting relationships with their nursery nurses, who listen and respond to each child’s individual needs. Consistency of childcare is so important. We look after and value our staff, consequently, we enjoy an extremely low staff turnover. This means that, having grown to trust and feel comfortable with their carers, your child can count on the familiarity of seeing the same faces each day. This provides the constant level of stability and security that your child needs.

The curriculum in Tweenies & Toddlers has been designed to give your child maximum opportunities for growth, development and learning in all areas - language development, personal, social and emotional development, physical development and creative development. Activity boards are put up in each room informing parents of all the fun-filled activities their child will enjoy throughout the day, both indoors and outdoors.

For example, to name but a few:
There is story time, finger rhymes, games, singing, dancing, discussions, water and sand play, imaginative play, construction, painting, drawing, sticking, cutting, modelling, baking, sewing, soft play, trampoline, ball pool, dressing up / role play, music & movement……….etc etc.

During their time in Tweenies & Toddlers we also introduce children to concepts of
• Colour • Size • Shape • Number • Changes • Opposites

Weather permitting, children are given the opportunity to expel energy by climbing (climbing frame), running, jumping (on the trampoline), balancing (beams, stilts, hoops etc) throwing and catching (ball skills), learning to co-ordinate body parts (by riding a bicycle) and of course develop their personal and social skills (teamwork, sharing, making friends, taking turns etc).

Sleep Time
With all this activity and stimulation, children are usually ready for a nap after lunch. Gentle, soothing classical music is played throughout ‘sleep time’ (any time between. 12.00 - 1.45pm) to lull the children to sleep (and develop musical appreciation). An activity room is set up for those who require less sleep.

Overall, we try to achieve a good balance and a healthy mixture of activity, exercise, rest, relaxation, structure, flexibility and creative freedom.

Meal Times

Lunch time for the Tweenies & Toddlers is between 11.00 - 12.00, with high tea at 3.00. Meal times are a social as well as nutritional experience. Good table manners are encouraged along with sensible eating habits. Food is freshly prepared each day by our full time cook, to provide a varied and well balanced diet. We have gained Trafford’s ‘Healthy Eating Award’ each year since its inception.
A weekly menu is put up in the hall for parents perusal.

All meals take place in the Dining Room, although occasionally, during the summer months, tea time becomes a picnic outside.

Records of your child’s development

Developmental Profiles are accessible to parents any time on request. However, parents have 3 ‘formal’ opportunities a year to view their child’s developmental profile with their key worker – these are every February, June and October.

Nursery Nurses
All our staff in Tweenies & Toddlers are full time, fully qualified nursery nurses.